In my work, I’m searching for a visual language to describe the complex, hybrid energy within our modern society, and addressing the psychological experience of hybridity within contemporary circumstances.

The experience of being an immigrant to Canada provides me crucial inspiration in my practice. I grew up in China; however, I trained as an contemporary artist under western ideology. This dual cultural background not only provides me with a broader vision to see the diverse energy in people but also creates a challenge for me to deal with the conflict of integrating different cultural perspectives. This conflict of forming a new hybrid identity has entered my work and continues to create tension within it.

In order to address these creative questions, I deal with the figure in an abstract way that makes it very hard to decipher and which describes both internal and external conflicts of the body. The surrealists’ approach to generating shapes and forms by automatism inspires me to paint intuitively. Those organic patterns, symbols and gestures in my paintings usually derive from my experience, subconscious and imagination. I also embrace the modernist idea to approach painting by engaging in the process of making it. My paintings are often created layer by layer. I’m looking for inner structures, rhythms and energy that slowly construct a figurative form. Line crosses line, shapes run into shapes in a process that is an ongoing search for the complex energy in our body. The canvas itself functions as a vehicle to carry the painter’s moment of emotion, memory and energy. The end result of my image is a hybrid and often visually complicated.

In creating I hope to represent my subjective experience of living in this pluralistic society and speak to the need to understand people from multiple perspectives.